Sticks, Stones & Plants

Unique things made from natural elements.

Learn to identify and utilize wild plants

Plants are amazing.

And even more amazing is the fact that the plants many consider to be "weeds" can be utilized for food, well-being, and practical purposes. 

We provide instruction and information on identification, harvest, preparation and use. Contact us for details!

Rockhounds abound around here ...

We are enamored with our local geology and our beautiful, native stones. Many of the rocks and minerals that we collect are used to make things, such as these dowsing rods. For more information, please visit our Etsy store!

Trash to treasure

We're in logging country, and that means local tracts of land are frequently left decimated following an operation, with large piles of debris remaining. Years ago, we began to go into these areas to pick up trash that was an environmental concern, such as hydraulic oil buckets, coolant containers, plastics, cans & bottles. In doing so, we realized that there was beauty hiding among the brush piles and buried in the mud. Now, in addition to hauling out trash, we rescue unique pieces of wood and turn them into works of art. 

Here are a couple of "in progress" pieces.