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Household Products

Below you will find information on the household-type products that we offer. As with all of the items produced by Earth Goods, these are made with only a few simple ingredients ...

We're working on getting things added to this section - check back for updates!

Laundry Soap

Made from the simplest of ingredients, this laundry soap does not contain any of the hundreds of chemicals found in commercial products. With no overwhelming infusion of perfumes, your clothes will just smell clean, and, well, clean really doesn't smell like anything at all, so this soap is a great choice for those with sensitivities and allergies.

Size: 3 Pounds

What's in it: Grated 100% pure coconut soap (saponified organic coconut oil, oil of lavender, or lemon and orange), sodium carbonate, borax

How to use it: Use 1/4 cup for a normal load, more for bigger and/or heavily soiled loads

Things to note: 

About the cost ... yeah, we know that $12 seems like a lot for a bag of laundry soap. BUT - take into consideration:

  • This is made completely by hand, in small batches
  • It is made with only simple, organic ingredients
  • If you use 1/4 cup per load, the package yields about 23 loads, or about $0.52 per load. We use NO OTHER products to do laundry (unless you count the wool balls in the dryer), so this is our total product cost for washing clothes. At 5 loads per week, that's a TOTAL cost of $10.40 per month to do laundry. If you are using a commercial line of products (detergent, fabric softener, bleaching/whitening products, scented crystals, etc), you may want to figure up your per-load cost to see how it compares. And while you're at it, give some thought to something that's a lot harder to assign a cost to: the ramifications of all of those chemicals in your home, the ground, your waterways (not to mention packaging that takes up space in landfills - our soap comes in a simple cello bag ...)

We have been using this laundry soap exclusively since we created it years ago. Over time, as it removed the residue of commercial products from our clothes, we found that not only were they clean and soft, but there was absolutely no need to use any other products, such as fabric softener. We wash the clothes and then throw them in the dryer with a set of (6) wool dryer balls. Even in the dead of winter, we have no issues with static. However, if static is an issue in your household, you can replace chemical-laden fabric softeners with 1/4 cup of vinegar added to the rinse cycle. The vinegar washes away clean, so you won't smell like a pickled egg afterward ...

We have used this soap in both top and front loading machines with no issue. However, that's us, and not YOU. We are professional rebels and rarely follow the rules. If your machine has one of those stickers on it that says you have to use a certain detergent (and we can promise you that Earth Goods isn't on the list), use at your own risk!

This product is low-sudsing!

Green Cream - 4 oz Tin
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