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Folks We Like

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Folks We Like

Below you will find a small listing of other people and businesses that we like and recommend.

Trayfoot Mountain Studio

From the Trayfoot Website: "The mission of Trayfoot Mountain Studio is to train and educate as many as possible to recover, improve and/or maintain their health naturally! This includes weekly group classes, private classes/consultations, workshops and seminars at Trayfoot or your site.

Jennifer Hensley is the owner and chief instructor of Trayfoot Mountain Studio offering Tai Chi, Qigong, Herbs, Authentic Essential Oils and much more!"

Earth Goods carries books and products produced by Trayfoot Mountain Studios!

Visit Trayfoot Mountain Studios

Outdoor Foundry

From the Outdoor Foundry website:

"We are a small, family run Outdoor Company located in Squamish, British Columbia – The Outdoor Recreation capital of Canada. Chris and Andi are avid outdoor enthusiasts. Between us, we have decades of experience Backpacking, Mountaineering, Rock and Ice Climbing, Sea and River Kayaking, Canoeing, Backountry Skiing, Surfing and Sailing.

We have both been obsessed with finding quality outdoor gear for many years (ok decades, but that makes us sound old) and have experience working in the Outdoor Retail industry. We’re obsessed with design details and quality construction. Outdoor Foundry allows us to bring you well thought out equipment that just works so you can have Epic Adventures in the Outdoors without worrying about your gear letting you down!"

Earth Goods uses Outdoor Foundry as the exclusive provider of our waterproof backpacks.

They are great folks that make a great product!

Visit Outdoor Foundry

Annese Martial Arts

From the Annese Martial Arts website:

"Our experienced, expert instructors at Annese Martial Arts are well versed in teaching character building traits, while also helping your child to develop martial arts expertise, physical fitness and essential self-defense skills. Our children's martial arts program is tailored to all boys and girls ages 5 and up, regardless of experience level or athletic ability. Our instructors are passionate about helping each and every student succeed. Unlike other sports, no one sits on the bench or sidelines at Annese Martial Arts. Every child participates and has a blast. Children are placed in classes based on age and experience. This ensures that they are practicing with other kids on their level, allowing them to develop confidence, learn quickly and effectively and shine!"

Not your "average" martial arts studio, Annese does some absolutely AMAZING things for children with various difficulties. Their instructors are VERY kind, caring, and supportive. Everyone who walks through the door is made to feel welcome, and while there is a healthy air of competition, it is of the type that benefits everyone on the floor, never leaving anyone behind. We applaud the tremendous and talented staff that makes Annese what it is, both for children AND adults alike - Bravo!

Visit Annese Martial Arts