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The weather is always right 

to sow the seeds of change ...​

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My name is Shea, but most folks call me Miz Red.

I am the Keeper of Earth Goods, and while EG is technically a new business enterprise, what it offers - the products, the principles, the connection to the natural world, the recognition of what our potential is as human beings - those things made up the foundation of my entire life long before Earth Goods came into existence as a business.

As I have evolved, so have my realizations, my experiences, and my understanding of where I fit in and what I have to offer to those around me, hence the creation of Earth Goods.

The story below is mine, and mine alone. 

It is not all-encompassing, and I am sure that I have probably left out some things that I should have included.

It is not meant to persuade, cajole, or convince anyone of anything.

However, every word of it is true.