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the earth goods blog 

& What We're Up to Today

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The Earth Goods Blog

This page acts as a "mini blog" and is just a place for us to do a quick update on what we're getting into on any given day.

However, we have created a "real" blog, and we invite you to come out and visit with us there!

We've only just launched the blog this week, so we're still figuring things out, but please stop by to say hi!

Take Me There!

What We're Up To ...

When not out foraging for materials, kayaking on one of our beloved rivers, or helping folks ground and center with the earth under their feet, you will find us either in the tiny Earth Goods cabin or in the production shop, creating things or teaching a workshop.

Some days it may involve the mysterious alchemy of bringing oil and water together to make soap, other days it might be laying down beautiful color patterns and scenes on glass and tile. Still other days might see the fruition of weeks or months of daily care and attendance as a heavenly jar of sunflower oil and Madagascar vanilla pods is ready to offer up it's gift of fragrance and nourishment for hard working hands and tired senses. And yet other days might find us sitting on the front porch, drinking in the sun, and weaving a foraging creel to collect what treasures we may find in the forests and fields at the next morning's daybreak. Other times you may find us in the production shop amidst a raucous group of folks learning how to make candles, lotion, soap, baskets, or a host of other things.

Regardless of what we are up to in our little cabin (or in the production shop), visitors are always welcome to stop in and sit with us for a time. There's usually a pot of coffee and a healthy snack somewhere to be found, and we're always happy to share with someone who's willing to be a companion for a bit.

Above is a listing of what we plan to get into today. For dates and details on workshops and outings, please visit those particular pages.

So ... we decided to change our "What We're Up To Today" page to a blog entry format ...

June 8, 2018

... and starting tomorrow, we will be making up our updates here, instead of on the page that you're accustomed to seeing...

June 11 - What We're Up To ...

June 11, 2018

Hi, All! 

Well, it's Monday (ugh), and we spent as much of the weekend as we could outside, enjoying the sunshine. This morning has dawned very cool, foggy and wet here in Buckingham, and while it's a dramatic shift away from the past couple of days, it's always a good thing when the weather isn't great, because that means it's a lot easier to be disciplined and work in the Shop rather than wandering out to the river's edge or slogging through one of our favorite boggy areas.

So, since it looks like we're going to be indoors for now, we're putting a favorite movie on the big screen, brewing some coffee, grabbing a bite of breakfast, and preparing to turn out some soap. This morning we'll be making some new bars to replace inventory and cooking up a batch of liquid soap paste to be made into a citrus version of our fantastic "Green Things" liquid soap.

We also need to finish up some art tiles that are in progress and start getting things ready to attend the Batteau Festival in Scottsville on June 20.

Earth Goods trivia for today ... there's something very interesting and profound about the picture to the left. Do you know what it is? If so, email us!

June 12 - What We're Up To ...

June 12, 2018

Hi, All! 

Tuesday morning has settled in with a nice coolness in the air, and it promises to be another mild day temperature-wise, so it's a great day for making candles! We'll be turning out Celtic Moonspice, Salty Sea Air, Razzleberry, and a few others. 

We're also finishing up pics of our "Green Things" soap and hope to have those posted (both here and on Etsy) later this afternoon.

We noticed yesterday that the Mimosas have started to bloom, so we'll be gathering buckets of blooms to make jelly later this week. Yum!

Earth Goods Trivia for today: what's that stuff in my hand, and what's it good for? Know the answer? Email us!

Answer to yesterday's question: The significance of that picture are the plants themselves. There are three primary plants shown: Virginia Creeper, Poison Ivy, and Jewelweed. The Virginia Creeper (the one with five leaves on a stalk) is not important to our question - it's the Poison Ivy (the one with three leaves on a stalk - it's toward the upper right) and the Jewelweed (the one with smaller, lighter colored leaves mixed in with the other plants) that are the main focus of the question, and here's the answer: Nature provides balance everywhere, if we just know how to see it. The Poison Ivy plants, as everyone is aware, can cause pretty terrible suffering for those sensitive to the oils in their leaves and stems. The Jewelweed is a powerful counter agent to those oils. The copious amount of juice in the Jewelweed's stems provides nearly instantaneous relief for the irritation caused by the Poison Ivy. The two plants are almost always found in close proximity to one another - a prime example of Natural Balance.

June 14 - What We're Up To ...

June 14, 2018

Hi, All! 

Today we get to go on a field trip - wahoo! We'll be making the rounds, checking all of our favorite foraging spots to see how the plants are doing. We're going to be needing some more Jewelweed in the next couple of days, so looking to see where would be our best place for harvest at the present time is high on the list.

Earth Goods Trivia for today: What's that bug? If you look closely, you will see that this strange looking critter is in a web ... is it a spider? Hmmm ... wait a minute - it only has six legs; spiders have eight legs ... what's going on here? Do you know the answer?  Email us!

Answer to the previous question: That cool looking stuff in my hand is pine resin, and it's good for all kinds of tasks! You can use it to start fires, mend things if you don't have any glue, and it's also a fantastic additive to salves and creams for skin irritation.

June 15 - What We're Up To ...

June 15, 2018

Hi, All! 

Today we will be getting things ready to go to the Scottsville Farmer's Market tomorrow morning, beginning the process of moving our "wood shop" to another location on the property, and will also be looking at reconfiguring our outdoor space where we goof off in the evenings. For those of you not local, we have a portable putt-putt golf course, a ping-pong table, an outdoor "kitchen", a fountain, an outdoor tub, and some other things - all salvaged and/or repurposed. When you combine a warm Friday evening with an icy cooler of beer, a couple of steaks on the grill, good company, and an assortment of outdoor games (that no one follows the rules for), it makes for good times!

Earth Goods Trivia for today: What is this a picture of? Think you know?  Email us!

Answer to the previous question: That, my friends, is an Assassin Bug, and boy, are they aptly named. The reason he's in a spider web is because he ate the spider and them commandeered it's web for his own. In the area where this pic was taken, there are no less than 15 webs where the same carnage took place - all currently occupied by the invading Assassins. These guys are smart as bugs go - when they set their sights on a spider, they will actually strike the web lines gently to trick the spider into thinking that it has caught a meal. When it comes out to investigate, the Assassin strikes, and then moves in, feeding off of the bugs that the web continues to capture following the spider's demise. They will also wear the corpses of their prey in areas where they are feeding on colonized insects - it's not unusual to see one with a bunch of ant bodies stuck to it, as it moves among the unsuspecting prey in it's gruesome camouflage, hungry for more.

They also bite, and it HURTS (I had one get under the back of my shirt one time, and it was NOT a pleasant experience), so handle with care, should you come across one!

June 16 - What We're Up To ...

June 16, 2018

Hi, All! 

If you read yesterday's post (below), you'll know that we spent some time working on tweaking our outdoor entertainment space. As  it turned out, most everyone that we hang with was free last night, and we ended up with a handful of good folks having a raucous good time. It started innocently enough with steaks on the grill and some good natured competition at the putt-putts and the ping pong table. We have an outdoor tub that we fill with water - we call it "the cooling pond" - and it provided some much needed relief for when we got too warm. Then somebody got a beer, and somebody else said "beer pong!" and before we knew it, the net was off the ping pong table, the paddles forgotten, and a wrestling match was underway for a stray ball that bounced off a cup and into no-man's land. Then there were fireworks. Then more beer pong. Then a midnight run for cheeseburgers ... It was quite a time, but everyone survived and all were responsible to their occupational obligations this morning, including our fearless market team, who represented Earth Goods proudly at the Scottsville Farmer's Market (and thanks to all who came by to see us!).

Earth Goods Trivia for today: What kind of plant i this? What is it good for? Where can you find it? Think you know?  Email us!

Answer to the previous question: That pretty picture from yesterday is actually moving energy caught on film. Years ago, someone somewhere dubbed these interesting anomalies "Orbs" and there was a lot of press about them (still is, if you do a search). However, the trouble with most  "Orb pictures" is that they are  often NOT evidence of energy, but something else. Raindrops, snowflakes, mist, spider webs, dust, pollen, bugs - most anything that has the propensity to be suspended in the air can show up as an "orb" if it close enough to the camera lens when the shutter is activated. Most pics that are genuine evidence of natural energy in motion share a few basic characteristics: movement is evident (as in this picture), there is usually some form of "raised energy" present, such as at a festive gathering, meditation, or similar event where people are joyful, and if pictures are taken in quick succession - only split seconds apart - true energy will usually appear in only one of a series of three pics. Dust and other particulate matter will normally just kind of "hang around" in the majority of the pics taken.

June 20 - What We're Up To ...

June 20, 2018

Hi, All! 

Yeah ... we've been negligent in our updates the last couple of days - we've been busy! Today we're getting ready for the Batteau Festival in Scottsville, so no trivia today - we gotta go!

Hope to see you there, cause as they say ... "Ain't no party like a Batteau party!"

June 25 - What We're Up To ...

June 25, 2018

Hi, All!

Wow - what an exciting weekend, especially Sunday! Jack and I spent all day outside, visiting our favorite local spots and getting into all sorts of stuff. We found this beautiful snake, plus FOUR more before the day was through (another like this one, two Northern Water Snakes, and a Copperhead). We fished a little (not much luck there), got caught in a MASSIVE thunderstorm (complete with hail) while in the woods and had to take cover in a decrepit and abandoned shelter (we're talking "Friday the 13th" stuff here), sat under a waterfall as warm as bath water to stay warm when the next round of rain came (it was a cold rain!) and chased fish around in the spillway afterwards. Then we rode trails in the Jeep, got incredibly muddy, visited our favorite swamp at dusk, and finally made our way home, tired and muddy, but so very happy.

Today we'll be getting ready for the week, checking stock and making a list of what needs to be done, gathering Mimosa flowers to make jelly (YUM!), and whatever else we have time for.

Earth Goods Trivia for Today: What kind of snake is this? Is it dangerous? What does it eat?