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About the Cabin and the Production Shop

Tiny, rustic, and full of interesting things - that's the Earth Goods Cabin.

Last year, The Cabin was where things were created - art, lotions, soaps, and a whole lot more. It was also a retail outlet for all of our available products, and served as classroom space. However, it's diminutive size, coupled with an ever expanding interest from folks looking to purchase goods or participate in a workshop, dictated that we had to make some changes. 

So ... for 2018 the Cabin will function as our "storefront" - all of our products available for purchase will be stocked there - and all of our production activities and workshops will move into the newly renovated "production shop", which is just a few feet away (we're VERY excited about this!).

The Cabin still houses our Native River Tank, painstakingly created from the wild and beautiful things that our favorite river - the Rockfish - saw fit to share. Every rock, plant, stick, and grain of sand are native, and it offers a near-perfect view of what this wonderful river looks like beneath the surface, giving folks interested in a "River Walk" a preview of what's to come, as well as offering visitors to the Cabin the opportunity to sit in the big comfy chair and unwind while they watch the fish.

The Cabin used to be the starting point for things like dowsing instruction, energy workshops, soapmaking classes, and all of our other offerings, but this year, we will be moving these into the Production Shop, as well. All of our workshops and outings are dependent upon a LOT of hands-on time and/or immersion in the natural world, so the Shop functions as "home base" for field work and doubles as a classroom space for workshops.

Granted, the Production Shop seems huge compared to the tiny Cabin, but space is still limited when attending a class that requires participants to "make" something, such as candles, baskets, salve, lotion, soap, etc., so be sure to sign up early if you're interested in securing a spot! 

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