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What We're Up to Today

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What we're up to today (June 8) ...

Today we're packaging our freshly made laundry soap and hoping to make a foray to the river's edge to begin our treasure hunts that always follow a good flood. Seeing the waters rise following copious rainfall (and boy, have we had it this spring!) certainly brings with it a little disappointment, as it means having to wait until they recede somewhat before we can take the kayaks out, go on a River Walk, or even just putter in the shallows looking for cool rocks and interesting critters. However, with that disappointment also comes the anticipation of what's to come - when the water is up, there are certain areas which act as "catch basins" - islands, shoals, rock formations and the like - and things get stuck there as the currents carry them down river. When the water levels begin to fall, these areas are revealed, along with whatever got hung up in them when the water was rolling hard and fast. We usually find all manner of cool stuff that can be repurposed - stumps, rocks, sticks, and even things like fishing poles, nets, chairs, and other items that the river stole from previous visitors attempting to navigate it's currents since the last flood. It's also a great opportunity for cleanup - we don't just gather select items that pique our interest, we also dredge trash and debris up out of the muck and take it with us. The rivers provide us with so much - we always try to give back by helping out where we can. Interested in tagging along? Let us know!

We have had some fantastic Jewelweed and Plantain harvests this past week, and as a result, we now have a huge batch of "Green Things" liquid soap ready, and we're in the process of labeling the first round of Bane of Summer "Green Cream" for all of you folks who fall prey to the itchies of summer. You can find these at the Scottsville Farmer's Market beginning this coming Saturday (6/9), and the Green Cream has been posted to this site as well as to Etsy. The Green Things Liquid Soap will be posted tomorrow or Thursday.

We're also busy with a new venture - handcrafted birdhouses and feeders made from repurposed materials! These things are fantastic, and each one is unique. We are hoping to have these up on both sites by the end of the week. They will also be available at the Scottsville Farmer's Market.

We're still working on the website and scheduling workshops (Lord have mercy ...), and still working on moving items to the Etsy store.

We've seen the occasional Tulip Poplar flower here and there - we're keeping an eye out for the flourish of blooms that usually occurs in late May/early June - the nectar in these beautiful flowers makes a tasty jelly. We're also going to be trying a new jelly this spring - Wood Sorrel! This is a favorite plant that we tend to pick and eat any time that we're out - both the leaves and the seed pods taste a lot like a mild "Sweet Tart".

Working on new alcohol ink art tiles - we have some beautiful ones in progress!

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Currently Creating ...

When not out foraging for materials, kayaking on one of our beloved rivers, or helping folks ground and center with the earth under their feet, you will find us either in the tiny Earth Goods cabin or in the production shop, creating things or teaching a workshop.

Some days it may involve the mysterious alchemy of bringing oil and water together to make soap, other days it might be laying down beautiful color patterns and scenes on glass and tile. Still other days might see the fruition of weeks or months of daily care and attendance as a heavenly jar of sunflower oil and Madagascar vanilla pods is ready to offer up it's gift of fragrance and nourishment for hard working hands and tired senses. And yet other days might find us sitting on the front porch, drinking in the sun, and weaving a foraging creel to collect what treasures we may find in the forests and fields at the next morning's daybreak. Other times you may find us in the production shop amidst a raucous group of folks learning how to make candles, lotion, soap, baskets, or a host of other things.

Regardless of what we are up to in our little cabin (or in the production shop), visitors are always welcome to stop in and sit with us for a time. There's usually a pot of coffee and a healthy snack somewhere to be found, and we're always happy to share with someone who's willing to be a companion for a bit.

Above is a listing of what we plan to get into today. For dates and details on workshops and outings, please visit those particular pages.