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Hands-On Workshops

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Hands-On Workshops

Want to learn how to dowse for health or just to "see" and feel the energy that emanates from the things around us?

What if you could walk into your backyard and gather the ingredients for a salad instead of handing over cash at the grocery store?

What about understanding the impact of chemicals in your home and getting rid of them by replacing them with simple and safe products that you make yourself? 

These are just a few of the things that you can learn at Earth Goods - workshops are small, and are totally hands-on. When we say that you will "learn" how to do something, we mean it - you will take with you the basic skills and knowledge to allow you to do these things after you have made your way back home. And if you have questions on something, or forget something you've learned, we're always here to help.

For upcoming "Working With Energy" and "Dowsing" workshop information, click HERE.

To schedule a workshop for foraging or other topic, email us!

We'll Come to YOU - Workshops at Your Home (or Someplace Else)

Most all of our workshops can be held at YOUR place for groups of most any size.

Hosting a workshop is a great way for friends and family to spend time together while learning a new skill in the comfort of familiar surroundings. If you are interested in learning more about pricing and information for this service, please email us!